50 CentVirginia Beach police got up in arms over a recent April Fool's prank involving controversial rapper 50 Cent. The Queens rapper was allegedly planning to shoot a music video at landfill-turned-city park Mount Trashmore on April 1, causing a huge stir among 50 Cent fans, and some unhappy police.

Unfortunately, the announcement was an April Fool's prank pulled by local radio station Z104. In an effort to ensure public safety, the police frantically scrambled to get to the bottom of the rumor, soon discovering that the shoot was a hoax.

"It was a joke and we appreciate that," an officer from the Virginia Beach Police told the local news. "But, as a police department we have to worry about crowd control and traffic, even if it is a hoax you might have thousands of people show up anyway."

50 Cent was in Russia at the time, preparing to perform at Moscow's Olymplisky Arena.