Last Friday (May 2), Lil Wayne premiered the first single off his upcoming album 'Tha Carter V.' The haunting 'Believe Me' featuring Drake offers two great lyrical performances from Weezy and Drizzy. The production was also hypnotic thanks to hitmakers Boi-1da and Vinylz.

In an interview with REVOLT TV, Boi-ida and Vinylz explain the process of creating the beat and how it fell into the hands of Wayne.

"Vinylz had a beat and told me to check it out [so] I just added a few things to it and I pretty much sent it over to Drake when it was done then like, I don’t know what went on but suddenly, maybe like a month later, Drake and Wayne had the record,” recalls Boi-1da. "I think he must of brought the beat to Wayne and then they worked on the record together."

According to the production duo, the beat was created with no one specific in mind.

“The way me and 1da work, we never make a beat specific for anyone. We just do us," explains Vinylz. "A lot of people complain about rappers these days sounding the same and using the same flows, but the producers are also responsible for that too because they’re making the same type of beats. So, it ends up making the rapper just wanna do the same s---. So every time we work, we just try something brand new."

Boi-ida is not surprised by the hype over 'Believe Me.' In the past, Wayne and Drake have created memorable hits together including 'She Will' and 'Miss Me.'

“It’s that Drake and Wayne combination. I feel like when both of them get on a record together, they don’t usually fail man," he says. "They’re like 10 for 10 with records they’ve done together and this is just another banger."

“Another thing with both of them is that Drake and Wayne are both known for their versatility,” adds Vinylz. “They can touch anything, any beat, any genre and they’ll attack it. So I think that’s why their fan base are from all over the place.”

Listen to Lil Wayne's 'Believe Me' Feat. Drake