Vince Staples is on a mission to spark controversy. After his controversial thoughts on the '90s caused a ruckus around the 'net, the Long Beach, Calif., rapper continues his candid conversation by comparing Michael Jordan to Donald Trump and says Fox's Empire is worse than crack for the black community.

“Michael Jordan’s such a scumbag. I love him. Michael Jordan and Donald Trump are the same kind of person. Michael Jordan, Donald Trump, they are the epitome of bad people in America becoming successful,” said the 22-year-old in an video interview with GQ.

Staples sounded off on GQ's "Men of the Year," featured in the magazine over the course of 20 years. On Ja Rule in front of a burning car, Staples said it reminds him of the Pain Is Love creator's career. "It just signifies what 50 Cent did to one of my favorite rappers. And it just hurts my heart."

Kanye West was GQ's Man of the Year in 2007, but to Staples, Ye still holds the title for 2015 -- especially since he's running for president and all.

One of the final covers shown comes from 1998 featuring Chris Rock, Harrison Ford and George Clooney. Although Staples called it one of the top covers from the men's fashion magazine, it also led him to think about Rock's recent cameo on Empire. "Why is Chris Rock on Empire? They have to stop destroying the black community with stuff like that. Might as well bring crack back. I prefer crack. Bring crack back. At least you can be a crack head. At least that has a negative connotation," he said. "This Empire s--- is just going way too overboard."

Watch Vince Staples tell it like it is with GQ above.