Is Save Money the best kept secret in rap right now?

While Chance The Rapper has been busy performing in Europe with Eminem and Kendrick Lamar, collaborating with Lil Wayne and gracing the cover of Complex Magazine these last few months, Vic Mensa has poised himself as the Chicago collective's next star-in-the-making.

In just over a week, the auspicious 20-year-old lyricist will release his debut solo mixtape, 'INNANETAPE,' which also serves as his first project since dissolving the hugely promising yet apparently dysfunctional band Kids These Days.

Early cuts -- beg my pardon, hits -- like 'Orange Soda,' 'Hollywood LA' and 'Time Is Money' have had us super excited about the project for months now. And tonight, to celebrate joining J. Cole and Wale on tour, Vic gifts us a brand new track called 'YNSP,' which pair's the young MC's fierce raps with the soulful vocals of English songbird Eliza Doolittle and cruising bounce of producer DJ Dahi.

To leave you with another semi-hyperbolic question: Is Chicago about to produce two of the best rap projects of the year? (Hint: 'Acid Rap's one of them).

'INNANETAPE' drops Sept. 30. Read our interview with Vic Mensa here.