After years of struggle in the rap game, Vic Mensa says he finally has the proper fan support that he needs.

On his new cut 'Wimme Nah,' the rapper talks about living under the radar to now being one of the chief flag wavers of Chicago hip-hop.

"Hey go and get you some, that's if you want that / That check look stupid dumb, boy you better flaunt that / I'm same verse, they on the porch, ain't used to call back / And they wimme nah, yeah they wimmie nah," he spits.

Canadian producer Kaytranada uses a muffled baseline and hard drums, which fits well with Mensa's choppy flow.

The former Kids These Days frontman has been promoting the song through Twitter for several days now, and building a lot of anticipation for his next project.

So there's no doubt that many of Mensa's fans are happy today, especially since they're able to download the song for free.

Listen to Vic Mensa's Song 'Wimme Nah'