To close out the finale show of the #uncapped series, vitaminwater and the Fader brought together the best of both worlds by featuring performances from new talent Vic Mensa and seasoned singer Trey Songz inside New York City's Gotham Hall Wednesday night (Oct. 15).

Vic Mensa took the stage performing old and new tracks, including 'Down on My Luck,' 'Hollywood, Los Angeles' and 'Wimme Nah,' with vigor. His participation in the special series is an honor. "I'm psyched man," the Chicago rapper told The Boombox before the performance. "The room is crazy. Just the buzz and the history behind the entire series is awesome. So it's dope to be here."

Witty lyrics, an undeniable flow and beats that lean toward house rhythms ('Down On My Luck') put Vic in a special class of hip-hop. He's doing things a bit differently and prides himself on that.

"I don't think there's anyone in rap that's bringing the energy that I'm bringing to the stage in the way that I am," he said. "Because a lot of rap shows on average are made boring, everyone's just rapping over their tracks. When I get onstage, I'm bringing everything that I've done before rap and done in rock and roll and funk and it's all the different angles from which I approach my music. I bring that to my performance. So it's like I'm hyped and turning up, but I'm actually performing. I'm not just lip-synching."

But it wasn't just about the rap newcomer that evening. Trey Songz, who was the show's surprise headliner, heated up the crowd with a mix of dance tracks like 'Say Aah' and 'Bottoms Up' as well as smooth songs like 'Na Na,' from his latest album, 'Trigga,'

Not only did attendees stay hydrated with an endless supply of vitaminwater, but they also had the chance to take home limited edition T-shirts and hit the photo booth.

Check out more photos from the show below.

Photo courtesy of Roger Kisby and Ryan Muir
Photos courtesy of Roger Kisby and Ryan Muir
Photos courtesy of Roger Kisby and Ryan Muir