When it comes to putting it down in the bedroom, Vic Mensa simply isn't playing around. That's what the rapper details on his new cut 'Major Payne,' produced by Michael Uzowuru.

Right at the top of the song, the 'Innanetape' creator spits of threesomes and sheer freakiness. "You coming home with me and my bitch / I wanna see you strip / She wants you, you want her, now kiss... Two at a time I want double the trouble / I'm taking off with the humble to hubble," he rhymes over the head-nodding electronic rhythm.

Mensa even says he wants to record some of the action, and cause a little harm to a certain male hater. "Dutty whining Jamaican girl / Get the camera let's make a film / Tore them one, make it count / He's trash, Let's take him out," the Chicago native rhymes.

'Major Payne' will likely appear on his forthcoming EP, 'Street Lights.'

Listen to Vic Mensa's 'Major Payne'