Vic Mensa emerged as one of the game's most talented new spitters on his 2013 debut mixtape, 'INNANETAPE.' However, perhaps in an effort to distance himself from the comparisons to his close friend and collaborator Chance the Rapper, the Chicago MC has taken his music in a new, more club-orientated direction for 2014, and he doesn't feel he should apologize for it.

"When I dropped 'Feel That' some people felt a certain way about me making that type of song," he writes in a note on Twitter. "They want the 'lyrical' Vic or 'real hip-hop.' I think the beauty of music is that you can be who you want to be. I can be future space man on 'Down On My Luck' or pop champagne in 'Feel That' and still pour my heart out in a 'Holy Holy.'"

While the newly-debuted video for 'Feel That' isn't all about popping champagne, it does show the more energetic and expressive side of Vic Mensa. After venting his frustrations about the rap game to his homie, the SaveMoney MC drops an unidentified drug known as "fun," which sets him up for a wild night on the town with Chance and Young Money's Chanel West Coast.

'Feel That' will appear on Vic's upcoming EP, 'Street Lights,' which promises more "fun" records like this from the Chi-Town rookie.