When The Diplomats set summer stereos ablaze with their comeback record 'Salute' earlier this summer, one of the biggest questions was what to make of rapper Vado. The current Cam'ron protégé has been putting in big work and a boiling street buzz, but isn't technically part of Dipset. Would he be featured on new material or just continue to do separate work with Killa Cam? Well, those questions have been answered with a new remix to 'Salute' featuring the Harlem upstart.

The new Vado verse is tacked-on to the end of the track, but he's definitely up to snuff and fits in well with the rest of the Dipset crew. After some trademark car talk, Vado references The Diplomats' past success on Roc-A-Fella Records- a period in their career that many feel is an artistic peak thus far. "Yes, hottest n---- on the block is me," he raps. "It's the takeover, like when Dame gave the Roc to Flea/ My money up, so today I gave the rock for free/ Trying to reach your goal, use your head like the soccer lead."

So, there you go, Slime. Vado comes out the gate referencing Jay-Z's 'The Takeover' and the much-loved/mocked 'Killa Season' movie. We definitely hope to hear more of him on tracks that The Diplomats are cooking up for their reunion record that's currently slated for release this winter. Shout out to Miss Info for the premiere and download.