After persistent rumors of a troubled marriage, Usher and celebrity stylist Tameka Foster-Raymond officially filed for divorce back in June. The couple, who wed in August 2007 have two sons together, but decided to call it quits after less than two years of marriage. In the upcoming October issue of Upscale magazine, Usher's ex-wife finally opened up about her divorce from the R&B star and the negativity that followed.

"Unfortunately I think that some black women are -- subconsciously -- not in love with the image they see in the mirror," she said. "Therefore in turn they do not love someone like me. I look too much like them. They would definitely have preferred my husband marry someone more exotic looking. I was not given a fair shot. People passed judgment without getting to know me."

But despite her bitter journey with the public, Foster-Raymond, who runs her own styling company, Swanky Image Group, maintains that she holds no hard feelings against Usher. "The dissolution of marriage is always upsetting," she continued. "You have the expectation that it will work. But, you know what? It didn't work. But [Usher's] a great guy. I will always love him."

Usher is currently working on his forthcoming album, 'Monster,' which is slated for an October release. The LP is a follow up to his last studio album, 2008's 'Here I Stand.'