In recent months, as she's battled for full custody of her two kids, Tameka Raymond has slung some harsh accusations at ex-hubby Usher. Now, the R&B star is stepping up and defending himself.

According to TMZ, Usher has asked a judge in Georgia to dismiss his ex's suit, insisting that her case is based on lies.

Back in November, Raymond claimed that the 'Lil Freak' creator has repeatedly violated the terms of their joint-custody agreement. In particular, she charged the singer with traveling outside of Georgia with the children, hiring nannies without her approval and depriving her of money to hire a nanny of her own.

She also said he took away her Saks 5th Avenue card, something he patently denies, and last month, she tried to make him take a drug test.

The warring former spouses are due in court on Feb. 27, when things will undoubtedly get a whole lot uglier.