Usher discussed nudity and American double standards with a UK newspaper recently. "You guys are more open. You embrace life and the human anatomy more. I mean you have topless models in your newspapers. Wow. Back home you're allowed to swear on radio and TV but you're not allowed to show boobs. One US journalist said to me recently 'You get a bit cheeky on OMG. You say boobies.' And I was like: 'Yeah? If you get shocked by a boob I feel sorry for you.' Let's face it, we've all sucked on one in our life." Yeah, but we didn't really know any better back then. [DailyStar]

Common recently explained the inspiration behind his acting career. "[I had] hit a ceiling as a musician. I tried to play the piano and that didn't work, and I tried to sing and I wasn't hitting all my notes, so I began taking acting classes and they just opened me up. It was like the birth of a new creative life for me." Coulda just tried making dope records, but whatever. [LATimes]