Usher and his ex-wife Tameka Raymond have a sex tape floating around.

According to TMZ, someone broke into the R&B singer's car in 2010, and stole two video cameras, two lap tops -- where the sex tape was stored -- and a million dollars worth of jewelry. Soon after the break-in, the thief unsuccessfully tried to sell the tape. Now the sex tape swiper is trying to make some big bucks once again.

However, no adult film companies will take the tape, since the 'Good Kisser' crooner won't sign off on the tape. This isn't as easy as Mimi Faust's sex tape deal -- the porn companies don't want a hefty lawsuit. The thief is attempting to sell the footage to the blogs. Our guess is would be the place they'd go to first.

There's been no word from Usher or his camp yet about the sex tape, but TMZ reports lawyer Mark Geragos is on the case. He's currently trying to get the tape back before it hits the Internet.

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