Just one day after commenting on Chris Brown's weekend in Miami in Jermaine Dupri's YouTube vlog, Usher has issued an apology. The superstar released a statement Tuesday night following the popularity of the video, which was later removed from the Web site.

"The comments made during a recent recording session amongst friends were taken out of context and blown out of proportion," Usher said in the statement. "I apologize on behalf of myself and my friends if anyone was offended. The intentions were not to pass judgment and we meant no harm. I respect and wish the best for all parties involved."

The 8-minute video finds Usher, Dupri, and songwriters Brian Michael Cox and Johnta Austin lounging in an Atlanta recording studio. The men share jokes about the alleged altercation between Brown and girlfriend Rihanna. "Have a little remorse. The man's on jet skis ...just relaxing in Miami," Usher said in response to recent photos of Brown gallivanting on Miami's Star Island this past weekend. While Usher speaks, Austin can be seen in the background mimicking a boxing match.

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Brown however was not the only topic of conversation between the men. Singer/actress Christina Milian's recent hair-color change to platinum blonde was also up for discussion.

The alleged altercation, which took place in the early hours of Feb. 8, has received extensive media attention. Brown allegedly physically assaulted Rihanna following a disagreement after music executive Clive Davis' annual Grammy party. Although Rihanna has released no public statement directly addressing the incident, the pop star has assured fans that she is 'doing well" and thanked them for their well wishes.

Brown and Rihanna reconciled at Sean "Diddy" Combs mansion in Miami over the weekend and are believed to be back together in Los Angeles.

Although Brown has not been formerly charged, the singer is scheduled to appear in a Los Angeles court on March 5.