Live performances, however rehearsed, always have room for unexpected surprises and seasoned performer Usher knows this well. During a routine but particularly anything-goes show segment on his current OMG Tour, Usher had his own OMG moment on Monday night at Madison Square Garden.

For the song 'Trading Places,' Usher brought an unsuspecting female fan onstage and playfully seduced her on a love seat while serenading her. Caught up in the moment of getting to booty-dance with Usher, the fan accidentally swung her leg around his head and kicked him in the face. OMG, right?

Like a true professional, Usher brushed it off, made a little joke, and gently escorted the fan offstage without further mishap. Of course, with tens of thousands of fans there to witness it, more than one fan caught the whole thing on video.

Check out the clip below.