Usher graces the cover of the July 2014 issue of Nylon Guys magazine. In the mag, the R&B star addresses Justin Bieber's long list of troubles within the past year.

As a coach on 'The Voice,' the veteran crooner has helped contestants reach their full potential on the show. But recently, Usher has been dealing with problems regarding Bieber, someone he's been mentoring since discovering him on YouTube. The pop star's career is under scrutiny after videos leaked online of him using the N-word several times.

In an interview with Nylon Guys, Usher admits that it's been tough to see and hear some of the troubles Bieber is facing in his life.

"I gave every bit of advice and always told him it was up to him if her really wanted this. Now that he has it, as an adult, it's his to manage," he told Nylon magazine (quotes via ABC News). "Do I turn my head in shame based off of what I see, what I know? Nah, I don't because it's all part of life's process. Am I in it with him? Yeah."

Although Bieber has since apologized for the crude videos, the scandal has tarnished his image and, possibly, his career.

"It's unfortunate. I hate some of the things I hear. Is it all true? I don't know," Usher tells the mag. "But I will tell you this: Success comes with a price. Every person that has grown up, grows through something. It ain't just perfect from the beginning."

The 34-year-old singer talks about a myriad of topics including how he deals with fans' criticisms of his music and being mentored by Diddy at a young age.

Nylon Guys' July 2014 issue, with Usher on the cover, will arrive on newsstands next week.