An 18-year-old Brooklyn rapper named Mulller St-Cyr is accusing Tony Yayo of using his beat on the G-Unit rapper's 2009 mixtape, 'Swine Flu.'

St-Cyr says his producer gave Yayo the beat without his knowledge, and stole the chorus from his original song, which he claims to have recorded in 2007.

"I'm not a type of rapper to diss no type of other rapper, because every rapper that's in the game I look up to," Miller said humbly, in a video which you can view here. "I have nothing but utmost respect for those rappers."

St-Cyr's song is entitled 'They Say,' and it's pretty clear from the video that Yayo did, in fact, use his beat and hook, changing the title to 'They Hate.'

"As you can see, it's basically the same s---," continued St-Cyr. "You can see me bumpin to his s---. I dont have a problem with him doing that, he coulda just came at me and been like 'Yo, listen lil n----, I heard your s---, you a tough, hard a-- n----, you only 17, 18, rappin' the way you rappin'. Listen I give you like 5, 3 G's for the track.' I mean, it wasn't even a hard track to me, I woulda gave that s--- to him like 'Yo, here take that s--- ...i t's just f---ed up that I had to hear the s--- like that, you feel me?"

There is no word from G-Unit regarding the situation, but there's probably another side to the story, as it seems like the producers in question may be at least partially to blame. While Muller St-Cyr is currently looking for a record deal, Tony Yayo is preparing to release a new mixtape, 'Gun Powder Guru.'