Uncle Murda brought on Cam'ron for his remix of "Cam'ron's Voice," a song that borrows from the Dipset rapper's famed Rico character in the 2002 cult classic Paid in Full. Of course, it's the scene where Rico tries to talk the main character Ace into getting back into the drug game after being shot in the head.

"N----- get shot everyday, B, you be alright. You tough, right?" says Rico in the film, while he smacks on a bag of potato chips. It's clearly one of the more memorable scenes in the film.

In the "Cam'ron Voice" remix, Murda keeps the same verse as the original, which are lines about supporting Donald Trump and why he doesn't care for Hillary Clinton, and he uses some very crass reasoning to make his point.

After that Cam spits, and his verse is undoubtedly the highlight of the song.

"When I come around man, she tight moist / You f----- or not though, that's my choice / When I'm rolling in the Rolls that's my Royce / N---- get shot every day, B, my voice," he rhymes.

Meanwhile, the Harlem veteran has partnered with Reebok for the second time, releasing his own pink sneakers, since he made the color famous over a decade ago. In a recent interview with Complex, Cam talked about starting that trend and rocking pink clothing, pink furs, driving a pink Range Rover and using a pink flip-phone.

"I don't remember the first time I wore pink," he said. "But I remember when it became a big deal was at fashion week. I wanted to stand out and look different. It wasn't nothing that was done purposely, or I was going to be the guy who wears pink forever. It was something for me to stand out."

You can also hear Cam stand out on Uncle Murda's "Cam'ron Voice" remix below, and please let us know your thoughts on it.

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