UK rapper Dappy of N-Dubz is offering 10 free front row tickets to a woman whom he threatened via text message. The 22-year-old MC appeared on BBC's Radio 1 breakfast show and during the interview a woman named Chloe Moody sent a text message that was a less than complimentary assessment of the group's music. Unbeknown to the producers of the show, Dappy memorized Moody's number and responded to her text, writing "Your [sic] gonna die."

When the text was brought to the BBC's attention, Dappy immediately rescinded his threat, apologizing profusely to the woman, and all of N-Dubz fans, whom he claimed to have let down.

"I just want to say I feel empty, look how long N-Dubz haven't done a Radio 1 interview for," he told BBC. "You lot have helped us get to this point where we are today. If it weren't for you lot we wouldn't be this high."

Dappy continued to offer the woman and her friends free entrance to an N-Dubz show. "I just want to say to the young lady that you can come with all your friends, 10 friends, to an N-Dubz show front row and it's all on us. I'm terribly sorry, it won't happen again. Thank you very much -- very sorry."

N-Dubz are currently on finishing up their sold out UK Against All Odds tour, with upcoming dates in Leicester, Dublin and Belfast.