Yoweri Museveni, the president of Uganda, has found a new way to connect with his country's youth before the Feb. 18 elections. Nicknamed M7, the 67-year-old Museveni earned a bonafined smash hit after producers crafted a rap single, entitled 'You Want Another Rap?,' out of his speeches and rhythmic performances of local children's folk chants. Now, the president sees the light and is hoping to record an entire album of raps.

"I was very happy with the reaction of the youth because that means they are very thirsty for the music of their ancestors," he said at a news conference. "So after the election you may get quite a big album of the classics. Today these young people taught me about this 'rap.' I was not following what they were saying. Well, I can even give you some rap myself."

Government officials have been very pleased with the popularity of his rapping and its subsequent boost to the poll numbers. Museveni is expected to win, and if he does, it will mark his fourth victory since becoming president in 1996. But hey, if he doesn't, he can always try his hand at a rap career.

Watch Museveni's 'You Want Another Rap?'