Tyrese has been known for his solid acting chops. And in his new video for "Shame," the R&B singer and actor has teamed up with fellow singer and actress Jennifer Hudson to convey one powerful visual that will make your heart ache.

Directed by Paul Hunter and produced by Denzel Washington, the video opens with Tyrese's dramatic entrance into a church where he is about to confess his sins. And as he relays them to the priest, we are taken back to the club where he works as a singer while Jennifer, who plays his wife, also performs as one of his backup singers. Tyrese's character conveys multiple vices from drugs to infidelity.

And by the end of the video, it's clear that he wants to right his wrongs but doesn't know how to except by singing out his emotions through two performance scenes in the clip.

"'Shame' is my most transparent song to date," the crooner says in a statement. "I wish I could say that the inspiration behind this was me breaking one heart, but I have broken many hearts from being a man who assumed that because you used the words ‘I LOVE YOU’ that I really knew what love was. I discovered I knew nothing of what love is. You will grow through what you go through. I have put some beautiful hearts and innocent people through hell and I’m ashamed of it. That's my truth, and my truth produced this moment. Please enjoy 'Shame.'"

"Shame" is Tyrese's new single off his latest album, Black Rose, which is out now via Voltron Recordz.

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