Tyrese is looking for some fun and he's bringing his party to the club in the visuals for his latest single, the Ludacris-assisted 'Too Easy.'

The crooner sings of hopping out of McLarens, flaunting cold hard cash and surrounding himself with pretty ladies over the Brandon Alexander-produced beat, which rekindles the fire of Ron Browz' smash 'Pop Champagne.'

"I had to make 'Too Easy' for the clubs," Tyrese tells The BoomBox. "I was excited that I could call on my friend and co-star Ludacris to make this record and incredible video. As you can see we were having just way too much fun!"

In the Matt Alonzo-directed clip, he's partying with an entourage and isn't shy about showing off his affluent lifestyle he's worked hard to obtain. After all, it's too easy for this blockbuster star. "Got bottles in one hand, cash in the other/ Stacks flying everywhere, need an umbrella/ Black card's unlimited, keep on spendin' it/ 'Cause I got money to blow," he sings with some added Auto-Tune.

Luda then chimes in with his braggadocio rhymes, "I wake up and piss excellence/ Good lord, this the new testament/ It's one life to live for dead presidents/ So bein' frank, don't insult my intelligence."

'Too Easy' appears on Tyrese's fifth studio album, 'Open Invitation,' due Nov. 1.