Tyrese has had an interesting career. He started out as a model, then singer, then went through his "Black Ty" rapper phase and now he's starring in blockbuster movies like 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.'

But merely acting in the film apparently isn't enough for Tyrese, who has enlisted Grammy-nominated singer Jewel to record an unsolicited song for the 'Transformers' sequel's soundtrack, entitled 'Make it Last.'

"Me and Jewel, we finished the record, and we sent it over to all of the right folks," Ty told MTV. "I don't know if it's going to make the soundtrack, but it should still be a part of the score of the film."
The love song was produced by Babyface, with the idea that it would be played during a romantic moment between Shia LaBouf and Megan Fox's characters.

"It was all done at the last minute," Tyrese said. "Big ups to my man Babyface -- the greatest songwriter/producer of all time -- and Jewel for putting this all together with me at the last minute; we are just trying to musically be a part of the film. We're all excited."

As for how the seemingly random pairing of Black Ty and Jewel came about, "Jewel is a 'Transformers' fan," according to Tyrese. "Once I explained [the idea] to her -- because obviously she hasn't seen the movie yet -- what the moment was going to be, where our song could be played, she got into that zone."

The soundtrack's tracklisting is already floating around the 'net, with no Tyrese and Jewel song to be found, but perhaps Ty knows something we don't.

Tracklisting after the jump.

'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen'

1. Linkin Park - "New Divide"
2. Green Day - "21 Guns"
3. Cavo - "Let It Go"
4. Taking Back Sunday - "Capital M-E"
5. The Fray - "Never Say Never"
6. Nickelback - "Burn It To The Ground"
7. The Used - "Burning Down The House"
8. Theory Of A Deadman - "Not Meant To Be"
9. The All-American Rejects - "Real World"
10. Hoobastank - "Don't Think I Love You"
11. Staind - "This Is It"
12. Avenged Sevenfold - "Almost Easy"
13. Cheap Trick - "Transformers™ The Fallen Remix"