Tyler, The Creator interviews are never without their moments. Sitting down with PTWSCHOOL in Milan, Italy, the Odd Future rapper spoke candidly about a number of topics, like why he denied good friend Kanye West a feature on 'IFHY.'

He really liked ['IFHY'] a lot and he wanted to be on it. The way that I do features, I specifically pick people for what they're featured on, and that song, it was nowhere where, creative-wise, I thought he would fit on there. We're most likely going to have things in the future to come.

Tyler also offered his two cents on Kanye's divisive 'Yeezus' album: "It's cool, it's one of those albums that has to grown on you."

Veering away from Mr. West, Tyler vented his frustrations with brands copying his tie-dye-and-cat T-shirts, and how people are easily swayed by the opinions of others (like influential music sites), which is why he gave out minimal info about his 'Wolf' album before its release.

I think reviews are kinda stupid, or f-----g websites like Pitchfork, I hate that s--t. I mean, I get the criticism type thing, but you have people who's followers so if someone like Pitchfork gives something a f-----g low, you have a person who can't think for themselves will go based off of that score and not listen to something that they actually like.

Watch the interview below.