It was only a matter of time before we'd be hearing about a Tyler, The Creator movie. And last night, the Odd Future rapper-producer-director (and now actor) shared the trailer for an upcoming film, 'WOLF,' which not only shares the same name as his third album, but also appears to derive directly from its musical storyline -- or at least the elaborate plot Noisey brought to light.

For instance, in the short clip we see Tyler wearing a green beanie and puffing on a cigarette before commanding his goons to kill a poor bastard, who also just so happens to be Tyler. You see, the dude in the beanie is actually one of his many alter-egos called Sam, and the guy getting his ass kicked is Wolf Haley.

If you refer back to 'Bimmer,' Wolf asks a girl to "take a chance with a n---a, like me" and says her current man "got a lame Impala." In the music video, Wolf -- wearing a striped tee and snapback -- gives the girl a ride on his bike. This girl is called Salem, whose boyfriend just so happens to be Sam (as we learned from 'Awkward').

So this particular scene from 'WOLF,' the movie, looks to be the moment when Sam finds out Wolf has been hitting on his girl, and subsequently grabs a couple homies to deliver a beatdown. Notice Sam and his friends toss away Wolf's bike before driving off in an Impala.

Interestingly, the trailer is soundtracked by 'Rusty' -- the song in which, according to Noisey, Wolf recruits Domo Genesis and Earl Sweatshirt to help him get revenge on Sam. "More To Come Soon," Tyler (as in the real-life loudmouth version) tweeted last night, so we can only eagerly await the next scene.