One of the strangest things about Odd Future frontman Tyler, the Creator is his bizarre fixation with Justin Bieber, whom he has been obsessively tweeting about for the better part of a year.

Late last month, Tyler made headlines when he achieved his goal of meeting the teen pop star, and tweeted a photo of the two hanging out. Bieber -- a reported fan of Tyler's song 'Yonkers' -- was unable to reply to his tweets due to his profane Twitter handle.

Tyler discussed his fascination further with the Bieber in a recent interview with MTV. "We [were] kicking it with him for like 10, 20 minutes. He's a chill dude. First thing he was like, 'Oh, I just finished talking about your video, that s--- was crazy," Tyler revealed. "He just started asking me questions about my s---, and it was kind of weird because I was going to ask him s---. But he was intrigued enough [about] what we had going on."

The Odd Future MC went on to say that he plans to take Bieber out and cause trouble, something he assumes the young star has probably not had the chance to do. "I want to take him egging cars and f---ing s--- up and paintball and just go skate and go do fun s--- that I feel like he hasn't been able to do."

The inevitable Odd Future/Justin Bieber collaboration has yet to be announced, but in the meantime, Tyler, the Creator's XL Recordings debut, 'Goblin,' will hit stores on May 10.