Odd Future's most mysterious member, Earl Sweatshirt, has been off the radar for a few months while the L.A.-based rap collective continues their media takeover, reaching more fans daily. However busy OFWGKTA are, the efforts to track down a missing Earl have not subsided.

Complex magazine launched an investigation into the whereabouts of the 17-year-old rapper, who released one critically acclaimed web album 'Earl' in March 2010. Their research turned up some photographic evidence, which points to the fact that Earl might be located in a boarding school in Samoa, called the Coral Reef Academy. The educational institution is billed as a treatment facility for American boys who are "lost in anger, depression, drugs, or alcohol."

As part of their comprehensive research, Complex even cited Odd Future lyrics which referenced Earl being in Samoa. But Odd Future's outspoken leader, Tyler, the Creator has already taken to Twitter to deny the claims, first with a tweet calling the news "false" that has since been deleted. He continued to direct a few harsh words at the magazine, while actually expressing some concern for the privacy of Earl and his family.

"I'm Scared That Someone Is Gonna Take It Up A Notch And Show Up At His Moms House. F--k," Tyler wrote.

In short, the mystery of Earl Sweatshirt's whereabouts might never be solved. But in the meantime, Odd Future is on a performing spree at set dates like Coachella Music & Arts Festival over the weekend, followed by an official tour that will take them across the U.S. and then to the U.K. and Australia.

Tyler, the Creator's solo album 'Goblin' is due out on May 10.