Tyler, The Creator's brilliance strikes again with the music video for 'Tamale.'

The Odd Future head honcho uses effects to create duplicate versions of his face as he raps in front of an orange background. In a genius move, Tyler manages to incorporate video vixen Bria Myles in a bikini into this video while injecting serious social commentary at the same time. It starts by pixelating the screen, using text to convey the message that:

"Due to the "graphic" nature of this film I was forced to blur because people aren't ready to have intelligent conversations before they judge. Welcome to America."

The next scene becomes clear again, and finds a mini version of Tyler bouncing up and down off Myles' behind, which she shakes while clad only in a bikini. Myles is at the beach and appears to be enjoying herself. A caption reads: "But this s--t is allowed." We get the point loud and clear.

The video returns to Tyler's bizarre antics, which involve riding on the back of a giant kitten, fooling around on a golf course, and ostensibly masturbating in his bedroom. However, around the 2:30 mark, the scene and song changes.

The second half becomes a video for 'Answer,' one of the more poignant and introspective songs off 'Wolf.' Tyler keeps things simple for this part, as he sits on a couch the entire time and looks straight into the camera, addressing his father directly with the lyrics of the song. A band accompanies him on the side, and the band is notable because the drummer is Pharrell. Tyler ends the video after the first verse of 'Answer,' cutting the song in half.

Tyler and Odd Future have always been known for his cutting edge music videos. What once started out as a gift for creating outlandish scenarios using a shoestring budget and cheap equipment has now evolved into something else entirely. But time and time again, Tyler demonstrates that he knows how to take big budgets and not squander them, creating visual masterpieces.

Both 'Tamale' and 'Answer' are off Tyler's third album, 'Wolf,' which came out earlier this year. The album has sold over 100,000 copies thus far, making it an incredible success for an independent album.