Odd Future frontman Tyler, the Creator spent some time in jail for vandalizing equipment inside the Roxy in Hollywood, Calif., on Thursday (Dec. 22). Now, the 20-year-old 'Goblin' creator is giving details about his time behind bars as well as his account of what led to his arrest.

The rap star performed inside the Cali club last week and says the chaos that caused him to be handcuffed and thrown in the slammer was a result of trying to help two women who were allegedly injured.

"I was on the piano playing the breakdown, only to notice that the music and sound was low, lights went off and that s--- wasn't right," Tyler wrote on his blog. "I get up, look, and notice that it was two girls hurt. I grab my mic to tell the crowd to come calm down and inform security, but I then find out the sound dude turned everything off."

Tyler then admitted he ran over to the man controlling the sound and proceeded to damage his equipment when the venue employee said he had no power to turn the sound back on. "'N---- turn my f---ing mic up these bitches are hurt, let me tell the crowd to calm down, they listen to me'," the rhymer recalled of what he told the sound controller. "And this n---- goes on saying he doesn't have control."

He went on to detail his jail experience after he was arrested, which included a cold cell. "I had no socks on," he revealed. "I'm fine though, bail was a lot even though I didn't hurt anyone, I damaged some s--- and I don't know why rappers talk about jail like it's cool. Oh my God I would go crazy."

As a result of his actions on the day of his arrest, the rhymer apparently incited a riot on Sunset Blvd. that closed street for 30 minutes.

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