Odd Future's frontman and rebel yeller Tyler, the Creator is a complex individual. He's so complex that someone should deconstruct him to analyze the sum of his parts. We decided we were up for that challenge. As a tongue-in-cheek meets demented lyricist, brilliant producer and fun-loving bad boy, the 21-year-old is one of hip-hop's most polarizing figures as of late. Some people love him; others want to run from him. No matter how you view him though, you can't help but want to understand him.

The BoomBox isn't claiming to decode Tyler, per se; that would be like opening Pandora's box. What we can do is take elements of Tyler's life, style, music and career and figure out how each of these pieces makes the puzzle that is the rapper some love to hate. It's not the easiest job, but somebody had to do it, especially on the day his Odd Future album, 'The OF Life Vol. 2,' arrives. Check out the 10 ingredients that make this OFWGKTA ringleader a recipe for success.

See Tyler, the Creator's Ingredients