Members of Odd Future have been making headlines as of late for less than positive activity surrounding their shows -- member Left Brain was recently accused of slapping a photographer -- and today's news involving frontman Tyler, the Creator is no different.

TMZ reports that the 'Yonkers' creator was working through his set while onstage in Austin, Texas Sunday night (Nov. 6) when a concertgoer launched a bottle in the air and hit its target: Tyler's head.

As the rapper spit rhymes over Gucci Mane's 'Lemonade' instrumental for his track 'Orange Juice,' the bottle appeared to fall down from a higher platform above the stage, making a strong impact against the side of Tyler's head.

After he was hit, the 'Goblin' performer jumped off the stage and flew into the crowd, though it's not apparent whether he was taking cover for protection or searching for the culprit who hit his face.

Watch the action unfold at the 15-second mark.

Watch Tyler , the Creator Get Hit in the Head With a Bottle

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