For his contribution to the 'Grand Theft Auto V' soundtrack, Odd Future leader Tyler, the Creator looked to invoke the drug-dealing spirit of older Clipse and Fam-Lay songs. But was he successful?

When 'Garbage' hit the web over the weekend, Tyler hopped on his Twitter to explain that it's about a "drugdealer-turned-killer" and that anyone listening should play it loud. His reason was that it's supposed to mimic the early-to-mid 2000s Neptunes beats that were like "trashcan sounding s--t."

As soon as the beat comes in, it's evident that Tyler knows how to pay homage to his musical heroes. The beat is minimal, albeit heavy, and hits with that menacing, grimy vibe heard all over Clipse's 'Lord Willin' and especially 'Hell Hath No Fury.' Tyler's bars aren't quite up there with Pusha T and Malice just yet, but it's definitely interesting to hear him take on a narrative outside of his comfort zone on here.

You can hear 'Garbage' below.

[via MissInfo]