Tyler, the Creator's silly antics caused the Odd Future ringleader to get manhandled by Gucci Mane's security at a recent concert in Los Angeles.

The rapper, who just released his new video for 'NY (Ned Flander),' alongside Hodgy Beats, attended the G-Shock and The Hundreds launch party, which took place at The Belasco in downtown L.A. last week. During the event, Gucci Mane took to the stage to perform and an unexpected appearance by Tyler caused him to get rushed off the stage by the southern rhymer's security.

At the 3:27-mark in the video below, Tyler creeps out from backstage and bops his way onto the stage, as if he's about to stage dive or thrash around in a mosh pit. A security guard -- either unaware of who Tyler was or possibly just didn't seem to care about his hip-hop status -- proceeded to place his hands around the neck of the 21-year-old 'Yonkers' creator and force him offstage.

By the looks of it, Tyler kept a smile on his face and didn't fight off the man who was visibly stronger.

'NY (Ned Flander)' will appear on 'The OF Tape Vol. 2' LP, Odd Future's new project, due March 20.

Watch Tyler, the Creator Get Choked by Gucci Mane's Security

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