Tyler, the Creator's newest visual may be his craziest yet. The Odd Future leader delivers a two for one with back-to-back music videos for "Buffalo and "Find Your Wings," both off his Cherry Bomb album.

In the first effort, the Wolf creator is covered head-to-toe in stark white as he hangs from a tree with a noose around his neck. When he's finally able to cut himself down and get some clothes on, a crowd with pitchforks is on his heels. The rapper and the persistent group are pitched against a white background. The song, like the video, has some social and political motivations as well.

"Why you mad? It's the slave in me / It's facts boy I'm back like Rosa Parks least favorite seat / Videos, stage dives, popups, they watching T' / While y'all n----s watchin' the throne, the throne be watching me," he rhymes.

The second visual takes viewers to a completely different setting to a show similar to Soul Train, where the 24-year-old and his band (The Internet and Kali Uchis) are onstage. After a few ill-timed maniacal laughs, the California native kicks off a live performance of the funky tune. The soulful track even received some praise from Pharrell who called it "SICK SICK SICK SICK," according to Tyler's tweets.

The Goblin creator also went to Twitter to say a few words on the song and visual.

"why not try to play with all the different genres," he said before adding, "happy you guys like the video =)"

It's undeniable that Tyler is at his creative peak. He also dropped a trailer for an upcoming animated series, The Jellies, about a human boy who finds out his jellyfish parents adopted him. Check out the trailer below.

Watch The Jellies Trailer

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