Kanye West was having plenty of fun at the 2016 Coachella Music Festival on Friday (April 15). Not only did he perform with A$AP Rocky, he also raced Tyler, the Creator. And it was all captured on video.

In the Instagram clip, Yeezy was backstage at the festival horsing around with Tyler when they decided to engage in a foot race to see who has the better legs. While West is a scrappy 38-year-old hitmaker, the 25-year-old Odd Future leader has youth on his side.

That being said, the race looked pretty close to us. However, Tyler was clearly the victor leaving West in the dust with his nimble legs.

Afterward, the Chicago native was sort of a sore loser, complaining that a guy standing in the middle of the road affected his foot speed against Tyler. While he may have a point, the Wolf creator was simply just faster than him.

Watch the video above and tell us who you think won the race between Yeezy and Tyler.