Tyga could be facing serious legal problems if this incident is true. EDM group Cash Cash has accused the rapper’s crew of attacking them prior to their performance on the Inception at Sea spring break cruise.

According to Billboard, Cash Cash members Samuel Frisch and Jean Paul Makhlouf was viciously assaulted in the incident. Jean Paul Makhlouf claims that he was hit in the face after a verbal altercation with Tyga’s crew who refused to leave the stage after the promoter called them to start their already delayed set.

Tyra's crew allegedly kicked Jean Paul in the ribs, while another unnamed assailant slammed him to the ground and continued to punch and kick his head and body. Jean Paul suffered a concussion, injured kidney, along with bruises to his head and body from the brawl. Cash Cash's Samuel Frisch was shoved during the melee. Alex Makhlouf was not involved in the incident.

A rep for Tyga issued a statement to Billboard absolving the rapper of any wrongdoing. It reads:

Tyga was not at all involved in any altercation and was completely unaware of the events until the next day. While details are still unclear, we were told one of the members of Cash Cash broke dj SB's laptop and security stepped in. They were interviewed by cruise security and Bahamian local authorities. No charges were filed."

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