Tyga couldn't be happier that 'Deuces,' his collaboration with Chris Brown, currently sits atop the Billboard Hip-Hop/R&B singles charts for a second straight week. The song, off their 'Fan of a Fan' mixtape that was released in May, has become a sleeper hit -- a move that catapulted Brown back into the public's good graces.

"It's a great feeling because we made that off a mixtape and the fans just chose it to be No. 1 on radio," Tyga told The BoomBox of the song's natural progression. "We didn't put no money into it. We shot the video out of our own pocket and it came out."

Brown himself also thanked his fans for the positive response to the mixtape following the release of his third album 'Graffiti,' which garnered lackluster reviews and disappointing sales.

As a member of the ever-expanding Young Money roster, Tyga is working on his second solo album. While his boss, Lil Wayne, sits behind bars until November, the Compton, Calif. native revealed that the entire YM crew has every intention to hold things down until Weezy's return. "We're working just as hard as when he was here," he says.

Tyga's 'Careless World' is due in stores later this year.

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