When dating a Kardashian, the press isn't always going to be good. Just ask Kanye West and French Montana. You can also ask Tyga, as he's been experiencing some backlash as of late since he's been linked to 17-year-old Kylie Jenner. The two are apparently dating.

The harsh feedback came to a head on Twitter after a fan called the 24-year-old rapper out for dating someone seven years his junior. "Nasty ass pedophile...Your career and family is worth losing over this Kardashian baby thot," wrote the fan. "I hope @blaccchyna takes you away from your son. You should be locked up."

And obviously to Tyga, there was a definite line crossed with those words, so he had to retaliate by telling the Instagram user to ignore the Internet rumors and to mind her own business. "Why u sound so hateful?" he asked.

"U don't know s--- bout my life but the fake s--- u read online. Worry about your sad boring life. U wish you can have a baby by a n---- like me and live this lifestyle. Let me guess, no one wants u or ever attempted to spoil u and give u the world like I do for mines. You're ugly not just physically but in your soul. Never speak on my son."

Earlier this month, the Tyga and Kylie rumors began to swirl after a series of Instagram photos surfaced of the two celebrities hanging out. However, neither have acknowledged or denied that they're a couple. The 'Rack City' creator is friendly with the family, so the photos may have something to do with that. In fact, Tyga was one of the guests at Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding earlier this year, which shows how chummy he is with the reality show clan.



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