With its eerie instrumentation and characteristically crazy guest rap from Lil Wayne, Tyga's single 'Faded' demanded a certain kind of video. It had to be creepy and disorienting and yet somehow playful, and thankfully, that's precisely the type of clip that director Colin Tilley has delivered.

The visuals premiered earlier today, and after several viewings, we're still not sure what to make of them. For much of the 3:22 run length, Tyga and Weezy appear as swirly-eyed bobbleheads, dancing and skateboarding with noggins several sizes too big for their bodies.

Elsewhere, Tyga rolls around in a spinning canopy bed with a bevy of naked beauties. At the very end, Wayne's head explodes -- perhaps because he's read Tilley's treatment and tried to make sense of the whole thing.

Watch Tyga's Video for 'Faded,' ft. Lil Wayne

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