Tyga is among a slew of rappers that social media loves to hate. But recently, the Compton native drew a tidal wave of slander after he posted a picture of himself and Tupac Shakur with the one-word caption, “Dad.”

Clearly, the late rapper is not Tyga’s dad. But what he was trying to convey was that 2Pac taught him a lot of things that his father was unable to school him on in life.

“Pac taught me a lot more than my own father. Inspired me, motivated me, listened without ever being there,” he tweeted. The 26-year-old rapper then then posted a letter from his real-life father, who is serving a life sentence in prison, as well as his own response to his father’s letter. View Tyga’s tweets here:

Although Tyga was simply revealing his admiration for 'Pac, it elicited some vicious slander on Twitter that pretty much destroyed all of his heartfelt tweets. Overall, no one believes Tupac Shakur is Tyga's father, metaphorically or otherwise, and we don't need the Maury show to run a DNA test to tell us that.

"Tyga really trying to call tupac dad...how could a king give birth to trash," tweeted one fan, while another person wrote, "Hopefully Tupac will come to Tyga in a dream and tell him 'Stop ruining the rap game.'"

Social media can be so cruel. Read some of the fans' heated reactions below:

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