The marijuana laws may be changing in Washington D.C., Alaska and Oregon, but if you're toking up in the state of Wisconsin expect to be cited.

That's what happened to Ty Dolla $ign when his tour bus was searched Wednesday (Nov. 12). According to TMZ, the 'Lies & Dreams' creator was in the bus when it was pulled over for a mechanical problem, which then made police stop to see what was happening.

When they entered the bus, a strong smell of weed was permeating through the air, causing police to conduct a search -- they found an ounce-and-a-half of weed.

All seven people on the bus were charged with possession, probably because no one admitted to being the owner. The group was also cited for having paraphernalia.

But here's the strange thing, Ty's rep said he wasn't even on the bus, he was on a plane heading to Nebraska, but for some reason he was still charged. Fortunately, for the singer and his crew, only civil charges apply in this case, not criminal, so just a $500 fine has to be paid.

Whether the California native decides to challenge the fine remains to be seen, but with a last name like Dolla $ign, it shouldn't be a problem to cough up the necessary funds, not to mention he's making money hand over fist these days -- producing, doing features and performing at a ton of shows.

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