Gucci Mane tattooed an ice cream cone on his face and now everyone's got Twitter jokes. "So Gucci gotta ice cream tattoo on his face so f--k it, Ima get air jordans tattooed on my feet so when I'm bare foot I still got Js [Jordans] on," tweeted The Outlawz. Some people were less thrilled, however. "Gucci Mane's facial tattoo of an ice cream cone causes my finger to inch closer to the delete button in Serato. He must've been #wasted," wrote D-Nice. Ouch. [AllHipHop]

Lil B explained the meaning of his song "Pretty Bitch," sort of. "I'm sitting there, listening to the beat, thinking, 'What's the next level of being cocky and really feeling yourself and it's time for the table to switch.' 'Cause the girls are high maintenance and it's like, 'Nah, I'm high maintenance over here.' This is for the dudes, man. When I say, 'I'm a pretty bitch' you know what I mean. Just that male empowerment. Showing love." Right. [Complex]