Twenty-three fans were reportedly arrested at a Lil Wayne concert in western New York last week. On August 27, Wayne performed in Darien Lake Theme Park along with Young Jeezy, Soulja Boy and Jeremih, to make up for three recent Wayne no-shows in the Rochester area.

"Now that Wayne's doing these bigger shows, he wants to make sure that all of his fans are getting the same experience," Wayne's manager, Cortez Bryant explained. "It would have been too difficult to travel with the entire band, then turn around and head to Calgary the next day. We didn't want the Rochester fans to get any less of a show because of logistics. We wanted to deliver the same caliber show we've delivered along the tour."

Unfortunately, when Wayne finally showed up, his performance was marred by the arrest of a slew of fans, ranging in ages from 10 to 26. The concertgoers were arrested for a variety of offenses, from lesser charges of criminal mischief, destruction of property and trespassing to possession of marijuana, disorderly conduct and assault.

Some of the more bizarre arrests included a 10-year-old busted for possession of alcohol and a 23-year-old arrested for allegedly hitting a female concert-goer and injuring a security guard. Was it a full moon or something?