Since Tupac Shakur's rap group the Outlawz publicly confirmed the rumors that they smoked the late MC's ashes at a beach-side memorial service in Las Vegas in 1996, their tale of rolling up "the big homie" into a blunt with some "California kush" and lighting up spread like wildfire through the media. Now, a rep for 'Pac's mother, Afeni Shakur has come forward to deny her knowledge or permission of any such honorary shenanigans.

According to Afeni Shakur's rep via TMZ, she would "never participate in smoking her son" and neither would anyone in the family. If such ceremonial toke partaking took place behind her back the Outlawz "would have had to sneak the remains past the family member in charge of keeping an eye on the ashes at the memorial."

"Yes, it's definitely true," Young Noble told Vlad TV earlier this week. "We ... had a little memorial for him with his mom and his family ..." E.D.I. added that it was 'Pac's last wish, "If you listen to Black Jesus, he said, 'Last wishes, n----s smoke my ashes.' That was a request that he had. Now, how serious he was about it? We took it serious."

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