Producer Johnny Jackson aka Johnny J passed away Friday in L.A. County Jail, of an apparent suicide. Born in Juarez, Mexico and raised by adopted parents in South Central, Los Angeles, Johnny J was one of hip hop's first Latino producers. He scored a breakout hit with Candyman's body rockin 'Knockin' Boots' in 1990 and released solo album 'I Gotta Be Me,' in 1995, but he is best known for his work with 2Pac, which includes 'How Do U Want it,' 'All Eyez On Me,' 'All bout U' and 'Picture Me Rollin.' He also produced songs for Nate Dogg, Craig Mack, Bizzy Bone and others.

His synthy, hard-hitting production style suited Pac perfectly, and the two recorded over a hundred songs together, the majority of which went unreleased until after Pac's death.

The circumstances surrounding his death are still coming to light. He was in L.A. County Jail due to a recent DUI arrest and the authorites say he took his life by stepping off one of the jail's top tiers. He leaves behind a wife and two children. He was 39.