Fallen hip-hop icon Tupac Shakur has finally been immortalized in comic book form.

The West Coast gangsta rap legend is the star of a new comic book entitled 'Comeback Kings,' in which 'Pac returns to the stage as a superhero, alongside martial artist Bruce Lee, singers Elvis Presley and Jim Morrison and comedian Andy Kaufman.

In 'Comeback Kings,' the group of cultural icons have all faked their deaths, which span decades, to join forces as Project Resurrection, a "global crime-fighting unit that's a cross between 'The League of Extraordinary Gentleman' -- and 'Celebrity Rehab." The Resurrection team attempt to stop an evil plot to create a Hollywood holocaust.

"The stars we chose are obviously all icons that died too young who could still be alive today -- but they also all have an audience that believes (or wants to believe) they faked their own deaths," Sullivan told Newsarama, of their impetus in creating the comic. "Our Tupac is a thug angel, torn between being a socially-conscious man of honor and a ready-to-die gangsta who just doesn't give a f---. Focusing his revolutionary impulses beyond 'Me Against the World' is his mission -- and his struggle.

Described as "dark satire," 'Comeback Kings' hit shelves Wednesday (May 25), via Ardden Entertainment, and was written by Matt Sullivan and Gabe Guarante, and illustrated by Ethan Young.

"I remember a Vibe interview Tupac gave late in his life, in which he said he was tired of playing drug dealers and wanted to be an action hero for his generation," Sullivan recently explained to AllHipHop. "That's something I would've loved to see -- and in 'Comeback Kings,' we make that happen."

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