Troy NoKA's name may not resonate with fans of Frank Ocean and Chris Brown but his work should, considering he's produced songs for the R&B crooners -- the producer-singer-rapper crafted three tracks on Ocean's Nostalgia, Ultra project. NoKA is now moving into center stage with a new video, "Til I Can't Go" and his album, Free Dreaming.

"Til I Can't Go' is a testimony, that you are the only one who can stop your success," Troy tells The BoomBox of his new song. "When I was 15, I could rap but didn't know how to make a track. At 18, I could rap and make my beats, but I needed someone to sing my hooks. By 21, I could rap, make beats and I could sing my own hooks. At 22, I taught myself to play piano. And by 24, I could do it all. I go until I can't go; this is only the beginning."

"Ay I want the whole world, you can have the moon/ I'ma take the bowl, you just get the spoon," he raps while playing the piano in the clip.

The 24-year-old, who was raised in the Army, has released the Free Dreaming LP on his website. Download the effort here.

Watch Troy NoKA's "Til I Can't Go" Video

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