With his 'All Gold Everything' and Def Jam days behind him, Trinidad Jame$ is still doing his best to keep his name in the conversation with a consistent stream of new music. This time, he's turning his attention toward police-community relations.

On this song, Jame$ focuses on positivity rather than delivering a scathing indictment of injustice. 'Mr. Officer' could almost be taken for a slice of life if it wasn't for the context. "You wish the cop was cool/ But the cop was a jerk/ Try to clear the smoke, but the windows don't work," Jame$ rhymes. It's a less humorous, less classic version of what The Pharcyde once rhymed about.

Jame$ released the song with the following message:

"I feel like we are all fighting to stay alive. Not just from the Police but just from each other. In my opinion kids see more of US killing US than the police killing US. So I CHALLENGE YOU AMERICA! EVEN THE WORLD! to value each other.....US."

Jame$ hasn't said much about what's coming up, but there should be more from him in the coming months.

Listen to Trinidad Jame$' 'Mr. Officer'