Trina will be launching her own signature iPhone application.

The Trina App is a collaboration between the Miami rapper and Rock Software, and will feature new music, videos, Ustream links, news and much more.

"This is an addition to my brand as a whole that I get to share with my fans worldwide," Trina revealed in a statement. "I want to be able to let my fans get exclusive music or their favorites from me. I look forward to working with the Rock Software team in order to bring the world an exciting iPhone App exclusively from Trina."

Trina's foray into the world of mobile technology alleges her with T-Pain, who appropriately has his own Auto-Tune iPhone app, and Snoop Dogg who's iFizzle puts his trademark catchphrases into the palm of your hand. "Trina and Rock Software make a great couple in social media," said John Shahidi, Rock Software CEO. "Though our quality apps and games for iPhone, iPad and Android platforms Trina's provocative image and personality will continue sparkle."

Trina has some experience with branding. She released a cosmetics line back in May in conjunction with the release of her fifth album, 'Amazin'. The Trina App will be released before the end of the year. For more information, click here.