TrinaMiami rapper Trina, whose fifth album 'Amazin'' is dropping on May 4, has announced that she will be launching her own cosmetics line in conjunction with the new album.

The line -- Be Amazin' Inspired by Trina -- will feature perfume, lip gloss and eyelashes all personalized by Trina. The first product to hit shelves this May will be the Amazin' Lip Gloss in "colors that inspire Trina and her undeniable looks on the red carpet, performances or just everyday wear," according to her website. While a free gloss will be shipped with any pre-orders of her new album, Trina's Amazin' eyelashes will not be available until the end of summer release.

Trina previously announced that she is working on a clothing line, dubbed Diamond Girl, for full-figured women. "It's a beautiful line, I've worked with so many different designers that I wasn't too pleased with the work, so I put a stop to it and revamped it," Trina said in an interview. "So now the jeans are actually to fit curvy, bodacious, beautiful women."

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